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Referral & Discounts

Referral Program

With our referral program you can earn discounts towards your own Magnetic subscription. In the table below you'll find more information about the referral discount that can be achieved based on the size of a new client referred to us. 



Add the following text with a link to to your company website (footer) and receive a 3% discount on your subscription. The text must be visible for visitors.


<Company Name> is Powered by Magnetic Business Management Software.

G2 Review

Write a review on our G2 profile and receive 1% discount per review. Can discount be claimed up to 5 times which means that 5 people from your company can write a review and you can collect an accumulated discount of 5%. To claim this discount please contact us and provide us with links to the review(s)

Case Story

For clients above 5 users:

Help us write a case story and claim a 5% discount. Please provide full sentenced answers (not just Yes/No), based on the following:

  • Company name, Your name, Your title

  • What specific challenges or needs led your organisation to search for a software solution like Magnetic?

  • How did you find Magnetic and what other software did you research before selecting Magnetic?

  • What criteria did you use to evaluate different software options?

  • Were there specific features or functionalities that stood out during the evaluation process?

  • What was the implementation process like?

  • What level of support did you receive during and after implementation?

  • How have your end-users responded using Magnetic?

  • Were there any improvements in efficiency or productivity?

  • What specific outcomes or benefits have you experienced since implementing Magnetic?

  • Are there any upcoming features or updates that you are looking forward to?

  • Would you recommend Magnetic to others?


Feel free to write your own case story based on the questions above or get in touch with us if you need help. Please also provide your profile picture and your company logo (.png format).

We reserve the right to publish the case story and use it in our commercial efforts.

Do you know anyone who you think would be a great fit for our Partner Program? Let us know!

Some of the worlds greatest companies trust us.

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