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Resource Management

Making informed decisions regarding resource allocation and prioritisation is a constant challenge. You need to prioritise projects based on strategic importance, client requirements, and resource availability. Balancing conflicting priorities, managing client expectations, and effectively communicating resource limitations can be demanding.


We've crafted Magnetic to be a highly efficient and no-nonsense resourcing tool that fits perfectly into the fast-paced agency environment. We understand the need for swift decision-making and real-time updates, which is why our tool empowers you to make rapid changes while providing an up-to-date live overview of all tasks and assigned resources.

Easily navigate the Resource Capacity dashboard in Magnetic by applying filters based on department, position, or line manager. Gain instant visibility into available capacity, booked capacity across billable and non-billable work, opportunities, and leave time.


This valuable insight allows you to identify team members who may be underutilised and make informed decisions about whether or not to schedule a freelancer for the upcoming week.


Streamline your resource allocation process and maximise efficiency by leveraging Magnetic's comprehensive dashboard.

Dashboard - Resource Capacity

Optimise resource allocation with Magnetic's capacity dashboard for enhanced efficiency and informed decision-making

Streamline project prioritisation and task scheduling with real-time dashboards for enhanced visibility and actionable insights

Prioritise projects and schedule tasks with ease using real-time dashboards that give you complete visibility of your project’s schedule.

Using multiple views, such as list view, status view, Kanban or Gantt, you’ll be able to visualise project process, track key performance metrics and turn meaningful insights into actionable outcomes.

Magnetic Gantt Chart
Magnetic Jobs Lane View

Seamless integration for enhanced control: Maximise resource capacity visibility with Magnetic and Google Calendar

With Magnetic's seamless integration with Google Calendar, you can take control of your resource capacity like never before. Gain comprehensive visibility into team schedules, automatically receive notifications for upcoming deadlines and deliverables, and effortlessly manage your projects with enhanced efficiency and precision

Magnetic Team Scheduler

Effortless time sheet management: Automate task tracking and streamline time capture

Simplify and streamline your time sheet process with Magnetic. Experience the convenience of automated task addition to users' time sheets, and take advantage of our quick-add time and stopwatch functionality for seamless time tracking. Say goodbye to manual entry and enjoy improved accuracy and efficiency in time sheet management.

Automated time capture


Moreover, we offer an additional tool called timeboost, which can be installed for enhanced time tracking. timeboost leverages technology to intelligently populate your timesheet, eliminating guesswork and reducing your team's workload. Rest assured, timeboost upholds data privacy while ensuring accurate billing. Empower your team to focus on their core tasks while Magnetic and timeboost handle the time tracking effortlessly.

Stay ahead of client demands: Gain comprehensive visibility and control of over-servicing

While we can't make any promises that you won’t be over-servicing clients (it happens sometimes for a reason), we can assure you that Magnetic will equip you with the necessary dashboard to maintain a comprehensive overview.


When starting a new project, you can include a briefing right from the start, even leveraging from a template. By having the project briefing readily accessible to the team, you're ensuring they always have the essential information at their fingertips. This boosts the speed and efficiency of project execution, keeping things moving forward smoothly.

Dashboard - Agency Overservicing

Accelerate Digital Approvals

Accelerate the approval process by sharing cost estimates directly with your client contact from Magnetic. This seamless integration allows for quick and efficient communication of projected costs, facilitating transparency and collaboration. Expedite project progress by streamlining the approval workflow and minimising delays.


And much much more…!

Deltek Conceptshare Magnetic


Love the fact that we have managed to streamline our agency operations - The data analytics is super key information for us which is so great. Love the dashboards. The support desk is incredible and always so quick to resolve or respond to mails.

Some of the worlds greatest companies trust us.

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