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Project Management

As a Project Manager you typically handle multiple projects simultaneously, each with its own deadlines and deliverables. Balancing and prioritising these projects can be a juggling act, requiring effective time management and organisational skills. Project managers must ensure that projects stay on track and meet client expectations while managing limited resources and overlapping timelines.

Ever stand on top of a hill that gives you a 360° panoramic view? There’s nothing quite like it.


And the same can be said about our Project Dashboard.

Project Budget Spend
Agency Overservicing
Remaining Billing
Job Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard is logically divided into 3 sections:

  • Budget
    Track how your project is performing against what was agreed upon with your client, as well as key KPI’s such as Net Margin and Gross Margin.


  • Scheduling
    Magnetic will predict if you are going to over-, or underservice on the project. Through key metrics such as Estimate to Complete and Estimate at Complete, Magentic will help you understand if your project is going to be on, or off track. Effectively allowing you to be proactive instead of reactive.

  • Financials
    Understand your projects’ financial performance through key financial indicators such as Actual Net/Gross Margin, un-billable work and supplier purchases.

Streamline operations with

customisable cost estimates and time plans

Enhance your agency's quoting process and optimise work allocation by leveraging customisable templates to create precise cost estimates and time plans. Ensure accurate client quotes and allocate tasks with optimal timings, maximising productivity and project success.

Job Gantt View

Enhance operations with efficient resource management: Optimise project prioritisation and scheduling with real-time dashboards

Prioritise projects and schedule tasks with ease using real-time dashboards that give you complete visibility of your project’s schedule.

Using multiple views, such as list view, status view, Kanban or Gantt, you’ll be able to visualise project process, track key performance metrics and turn meaningful insights into actionable outcomes.

Magnetic Tasks Lane View

Empower financial control: Gain insights on budget utilisation

Keep tabs on the budget utilisation over time to gain valuable insights into the remaining budget and identify potential overservicing. Magnetic also offers functionality for tracking retainer budgets, enabling you to easily monitor the remaining budget for retainer engagements using this dashboard. Stay in control and make informed decisions about resource allocation and financial management.

Stay ahead of client demands: Gain comprehensive visibility and control of over-servicing

While we can't make any promises that you won’t be over-servicing clients (it happens sometimes for a reason), we can assure you that Magnetic will equip you with the necessary dashboard to maintain a comprehensive overview.

  1. Averages:
    Displays the average over-servicing across all clients, in both hours and money.

  2. Breakdown by client:
    Identify which clients you are over-servicing in a visually appealing overview. 

  3. Over-servicing by Project Owner
    ​Help Project Owners become better in managing their clients. ​

  4. Breakdown by Project:
    Review each project and the potential over-servicing that is predicted to incur.

Dashboard - Agency Overservicing
Magnetic Remaining Budget and Overservicing Dashboard

The Profitability Dashboard provides a comprehensive and real-time overview of key financial metrics, enabling your agency to make informed decisions and optimise financial performance.

  1. Average Margin:
    Displays the average margin across all projects and clients, offering a quick glance at overall profitability.

  2. Total Billing:
    Presents a cumulative figure of the total revenue generated from all client projects.

  3. Cost of Hours:
    Breaks down the total cost to business incurred in tracked hours by staff.

  4. Cost of Purchases:
    Illustrates the total cost of purchases made during project execution.

  5. Client Profitability
    A detailed breakdown showcasing the profitability of each client, enabling you to identify high-performing areas and areas that may need attention.

  6. Average Hourly Rate by Client:
    Provides insights into the average hourly rate charged to each client, facilitating comparisons across different clients and highlighting potential areas for rate adjustments.

  7. Delta Cost Estimates (CE's) vs. Scheduled: 
    Compares the average hourly rate quoted during the project proposal phase with the scheduled hours for each client, allowing for an evaluation of pricing accuracy and resource allocation efficiency.

  8. Delta Billed vs. Actuals: 
    Compares the average hourly rate charged to clients against the actual hours spent on project execution, revealing any discrepancies and helping refine billing processes.


When starting a new project, you can include a briefing right from the start, even leveraging from a template. By having the project briefing readily accessible to the team, you're ensuring they always have the essential information at their fingertips. This boosts the speed and efficiency of project execution, keeping things moving forward smoothly.

Accelerate Digital Approvals

Accelerate the approval process by sharing cost estimates directly with your client contact from Magnetic. This seamless integration allows for quick and efficient communication of projected costs, facilitating transparency and collaboration. Expedite project progress by streamlining the approval workflow and minimising delays.

Assets Review & Approval

Deltek ConceptShare’s online proofing software enables marketing and creative teams to deliver more content faster, and at less cost by streamlining and speeding up the review and approval process. Magnetic integrates seamlessly with Deltek ConceptShare.

And much much more…!

Deltek Conceptshare Magnetic


Great experience! Very sleek and easy to use. I've enjoyed Magnetic as it really assists me with my role in project management. It is easy to use and helps keep things organized!

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