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Boost CRM Forecasting Across Your business

Staying informed with live data is crucial. You need real-time insights on opportunities, their progress in the sales funnel, projected closing dates, their value, and how they impact your current resource capacity. Additionally, it's essential to track the time invested in winning the pitch compared to the contract value.

Having access to this live data empowers you to make informed decisions, seize opportunities, and effectively manage your resources. Stay ahead of the game by leveraging Magnetic's dynamic features, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your opportunities, resource allocation, and the value derived from your efforts.

There are several advantages of having a pipeline forecasting tool.

Harness the power of Magnetic's Pipeline Forecast feature to gain real-time insights into your agency's monetary performance

Improved Sales Visibility: A pipeline forecast provides a clear view of the sales opportunities in progress, helping the business and managers understand the current and future revenue potential. It allows for better sales planning and resource allocation.

Accurate Revenue Projection: By analysing the pipeline, agencies can estimate and project future revenue more accurately. This helps in financial planning, budgeting, and resource allocation, ensuring a more realistic and achievable revenue forecast.

Opportunity Prioritisation: A pipeline forecast helps identify high-priority opportunities, enabling the business to focus their efforts on the most promising leads. This improves overall sales productivity and increases the chances of closing deals successfully.

Magnetic Pipeline Forecast Dashboard

Drive success with proactive new business management and data-driven decision-making

Proactive Sales Management: With a pipeline forecast, you can identify potential bottlenecks, challenges, or gaps in the sales process. This allows for proactive management, timely intervention, and strategic adjustments to keep the sales pipeline flowing smoothly.

Decision-Making Support: Accurate pipeline forecasting provides valuable insights for decision-making at different levels of the organisation. It helps identify trends, analyse conversion rates, evaluate sales performance, and make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and market strategies.

Business Growth and Scalability: With a well-managed pipeline forecast, you can track growth trends, identify potential opportunities for expansion, and plan for scalability. This allows for more strategic decision-making and sustainable growth.

Magnetic Revenue Forecast

Forecasting & Resourcing

Forecasting revenue is a crucial element in strategic business planning, serving as a roadmap for an organisation's financial health and future growth. The ability to predict revenue allows businesses to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and navigate uncertainties in the market. However, without a connection to resource availability and capacity, revenue forecasting lacks the practicality and actionable insights necessary for sustainable success.

Forecasting revenue in isolation may lead to suboptimal resource allocation. Connecting revenue forecasts with resource availability ensures that the business aligns its workforce and other resources in proportion to expected demand. This, in turn, promotes efficiency in operations and prevents overextension or underutilisation of resources.

When resource availability is considered in tandem with revenue forecasting, you can better manage client expectations. This avoids overcommitment and under-delivery, enhancing client satisfaction and strengthening relationships. 

Get a clear view of your sales funnel with Magnetic's intuitive drag-and-drop lane view

Magnetic Opportunities Lane View
Manage opportunities with Magnetic

Magnetic empowers your business with a comprehensive and user-friendly sales funnel overview. Our intuitive drag-and-drop lane view interface allows you to effortlessly visualise and manage your sales pipeline. Easily track leads as they progress through each stage of the sales process, from initial contact to closed deals. Gain valuable insights into your sales performance and identify areas for improvement. 


Magnetic is simple and easy to use - navigating your way around tasks and campaigns is a great user experience. When I started using Magnetic 2 years ago, I was dreading learning how to use yet another project management system but to my surprise, the training proved that this really is a great tool. Tasking in projects and assigning them to users is easy and this tool in comparison to a competitor I have worked on previously is miles apart.

Some of the worlds greatest companies trust us.

NTT, a Magnetic client
Pernod Ricard, a Magnetic client
Momentum, a Magnetic client
Flume, a Magnetic client
Flock Associates, a Magnetic client
Marriott, a Magnetic client
Nedbank, a Magnetic client
The Design Company, a Magnetic client
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