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The Devil is in the detail…

Small or large firm? It really doesn’t matter.

The process is the same. From pitching clients, project execution to finances - you need a business system to support you. But not just any system.


There's a ton of generic systems out there that will claim to fit your business. But the devil is in the detail. You need a single system that is designed to your business and has an integrated best practise process.


Couple that with experienced experts that speaks your lingo and knows how business should work to achieve your goals. That’s the winning recipe. 

Agency Best Practice Processes
Agency Comparing Study

We get it. The competition is intense. The  industry is highly competitive, with numerous firms vying for clients and market share. You need to develop innovative strategies to differentiate  your firm and stay ahead of the competition.


And you need live data that can keep you informed about opportunities, when they close, their value, and how they impact the current resource capacity. And not at least, how much time has been put into winning the pitch compared against the contract value.

Agency Pitching

The Pitch

Project Execution

Agency Team Collaboration

Meeting client expectations can be demanding, as each client may have unique needs and goals. You must ensure effective communication, aligning capabilities with client objectives, and delivering exceptional results within budget and timelines.

Ensuring smooth and efficient operations is vital for your  success. This involves optimising processes, workflows, and resource allocation to maximise productivity and minimise costs. Balancing client demands, deadlines, and quality standards while maintaining operational efficiency can be challenging.

Your business software must be able to provide accurate and up to date KPI’s on each project, and overall for the entire agency. Key KPI’s such as client overservicing, budget overruns, resource utilisation, capacity and profitability.


Developing comprehensive financial plans and conducting accurate financial analysis is vital. You'll need to be able to forecast revenue, budget expenses, and provide financial insights to support strategic decision-making.

Maximising profitability while controlling costs is a significant challenge. Professional Services firms often operate on tight profit margins due to competitive pricing and client negotiations. You'll need to be able to monitor project profitability, manage overhead expenses, and identify opportunities for cost savings without compromising quality or client satisfaction.


Being able to track margins, profitability, revenue forecast, client over-servicing (or under-servicing) is vital to any firm. Your business system must be able to provide you with this information with a click of a button.

A day in the life of your business

From contact to opportunity pipeline.
All you need to manage winning business.

Agency People
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