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We are here to support your agency journey

Magnetic is buit from the ground up to support the agency journey. From initial contact with the client, to ensuring your business delivers sound financial results.

We have you covered!


A solution built for visibility

Magnetic Dashboards

Ensuring smooth and efficient operations is vital for the agency's success. This involves optimising processes, workflows, and resource allocation to maximise productivity and minimise costs. Balancing client demands, deadlines, and quality standards while maintaining operational efficiency can be challenging.


As the agency grows, you must plan and implement scalable operational strategies. This involves assessing staffing needs, infrastructure requirements, and internal processes to accommodate increasing client demands without compromising quality or efficiency.

Collaborating with the CFO or the finance team, you must oversee budgeting, cost control, and financial performance analysis. This includes monitoring project profitability, managing operational expenses, and identifying opportunities for cost optimisation and revenue growth.

Functionality to support your role

Magnetic is a comprehensive business software solution designed to meet all the necessary functionality requirements for agency project, resource, and finance management. With its robust features and intuitive interface, Magnetic empowers agencies to streamline their operations and achieve maximum efficiency.

One of the core challenges faced by agencies is the delicate balance between maximising profitability and controlling costs. Magnetic addresses this challenge head-on by offering a range of tools to monitor project profitability, effectively manage overhead expenses, and identify cost-saving opportunities. With Magnetic, agencies can ensure that quality and client satisfaction are never compromised, even while optimising their bottom line.

Tracking essential metrics such as margins, profitability, revenue forecasts, and client servicing levels is made seamless with Magnetic. Through its comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, agencies can easily access this critical information with just a few clicks. Magnetic empowers agencies to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and proactively address any issues that may arise.

In today's fast-paced agency business environment, staying informed with live data is crucial. You need real-time insights on opportunities, their progress in the sales funnel, projected closing dates, their value, and how they impact your current resource capacity. In other words you need a Pipeline Forecasting tool. 

Pipeline Forecast Dashboard.png
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Overall good experience. We get great support from the customer success team. Never had downtime on the platform in over three years of use. The customisation and flexibility is good.


A day in the life of your agency

From contact to opportunity pipeline.
All you need to manage winning business.

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