We realise that you are trusting us to look after a lot of very valuable information about your projects.

We have a priority and a pledge: we will keep your content safe and secure, and monitor our servers every minute, every hour, every day.

  • We use 512-bit or higher SSL encryption. This is the same kind of encryption used by online banking. It means that nobody is able to read your data while it’s in transit from your computer to our server and back.
  • We host our application on Amazon Cloud Services, which has been approved for US government use.
  • Our database is hosted with Amazon’s RDS service which completes a full daily back of our database and stores this securely for two weeks. This means that should something go wrong, we will be able to recover your information. Amazon RDS targets a 99.95% up-time with penalties if this is not met.
  • All the infrastructure we run on allows seamless scaling as demand increases.
  • Our servers run on a state-of-the-art data-centre with power-redundancy, hardware mirroring and multiple internet connections.
  • We will never access your data without your clear, explicit permission. If we receive your permission, only senior staff members will be able to access your data. We follow best practices to ensure data security across customer accounts. Our team has immense experience in developing highly secure banking applications that handle sensitive customer data.