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How Stratitude Streamlined Operations with Magnetic's CRM for Creative Agencies

Stratitude, a part of AMIN Worldwide, is a strategic creative agency focused on enabling organisations to build more rewarding relationships with their target audiences. They provide an integrated through-the-line solution which includes strategy, advertising, design and branding, internal communications, public relations, direct marketing and digital marketing.

Natalie Davies Stratitude

The Challenge

Stratitude, a leading strategic creative agency and part of AMIN Worldwide, faced significant hurdles in traffic management, operational efficiency, and client relationship management. With a diverse service offering that spans strategy, advertising, design, branding, and digital marketing, the agency required a solution that could streamline complex workflows and enhance communication across departments.

The Solution

After evaluating various platforms including Hootsuite, Trello,, and HubSpot, Stratitude discovered Magnetic CRM through an internal referral. Magnetic's industry-specific features, particularly tailored for creative agencies, made it the standout choice. Key criteria for selection included user interface, customization, integration capabilities, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Magnetic CRM's task timing, watchers, reporting, and task status functionalities were pivotal in addressing Stratitude’s unique needs.

Implementing Magnetic's CRM for Creative Agencies

The implementation of Magnetic was smooth and efficient, involving detailed planning, customisation, comprehensive training, and robust support. The collaborative efforts between Stratitude's team and Magnetic's support ensured the integration had minimal impact on the agency’s daily operations, facilitating a seamless transition that aligned perfectly with Stratitude's business objectives.

The Results

Post-implementation, Stratitude witnessed substantial improvements in efficiency and productivity. The intuitive nature of Magnetic CRM allowed for easy adoption by end-users, who praised its robust tracking capabilities and seamless integration into existing workflows. Significant enhancements were noted in project management, client reporting, and internal communications, leading to faster task completions and enhanced decision-making. These improvements have contributed to a noticeable return on investment and heightened overall business success.

Magnetic CRM has proven to be an invaluable tool for Stratitude, enabling the agency to optimize operations and improve client relations through its customized features and user-friendly interface. The positive outcomes experienced by Stratitude strongly endorse Magnetic CRM as a highly recommended solution for other creative agencies looking to enhance their operational effectiveness.

About Stratitude: Stratitude is a strategic creative agency committed to developing rewarding relationships between businesses and their audiences. As part of the global network of AMIN Worldwide, Stratitude utilzes comprehensive marketing strategies to deliver impactful results across various communication channels.

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"We wholeheartedly recommend Magnetic to others seeking a comprehensive and intuitive business solution. Its robust features, user-friendly interface, and exceptional support make it invaluable for optimising operations and driving business performance."

Natalie Davies


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