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Say goodbye to bottlenecks and hello to project success with our planning and scheduling feature. Prioritise projects and easily schedule tasks into your studio, so you can deliver work on time, on budget, and on scope.

Capacity planning plays a crucial role in ensuring your team is working to their full potential, with just the right amount of work on their plate.

Magnetic gives you real-time visibility into your team’s workload and capacity, so you can match their available hours against the requirements of a particular project

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Put more flow into your workflow

Your agency’s success is only as good as your traffic manager’s ability to ensure a smooth workflow, from the briefing process through to project delivery.

Through live team capacity reports and scheduling, Magnetic gives your traffic manager the tools and insight they need to assign tasks and ensure your studio can efficiently monitor and manage every project without having loose ends.

The result? Productive employees, satisfied clients, profitable business outcomes and a perfected traffic management process.


Keep your clients coming back

Everyone knows profitability is king, and the way to make a profit is to ensure you have happy clients. This is why unrivalled client service is going to make your agency stand out from the rest, ensure you reach those profit margins you’re aiming for, and retain the clients you love.

Magnetic provides your Client Service team with all the information they need to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Interactive, customisable dashboards allow them to monitor the various job portfolios your team is working on and communicate clearly with clients about the project status.


Say goodbye to timesheets

Let’s be honest, nobody likes timesheets. They’re supposed to help with time management but more often than not, they end up using time instead. So what’s the alternative?

Magnetic’s automated, hands-free time tracker, Boost, is the future of time management for your agency. With a simple desktop widget, Boost gives you the ability to seamlessly track the time you spend on various applications, upload your time to the Boost web app and automatically assign your time to tasks within Magnetic.

It’s as simple as the click of a button, and you can continue dedicating your time to what matters, while Boost does all the tracking for you.


Never lose sight of a project’s progress

Ever stand on top of a hill that gives you a 360° panoramic view? There’s nothing quite like it. And the same can be said about our project management dashboard.

Prioritise projects and schedule tasks with ease using real-time dashboards that give you complete visibility of your project’s schedule.

Using multiple views, such as list view, status view, Kanban or Gantt, you’ll be able to visualise project process, track key performance metrics and turn meaningful insights into actionable outcomes. Project management never looked this good.


Less time on reports, more time for clients

Think of all the time you spend retrieving data from multiple sources and combining it together into a coherent report. Now think of all the ways you could use that time more effectively.

Magnetic’s Agency Intelligence for Reporting feature, gives you a better option for measuring your campaign and project success, by simply doing the work for you.

AIR will combine your reports in real-time, and with great graphic visualisation (because who wants to look at a report that isn’t pretty, right?), giving you more time to land new clients or create your next award-winning campaign.


Take the stress out of money-management

At the end of the day, most of an agency’s stress comes down to questions about money. Did you track all your hours? Has the client paid yet? What did we quote them? Are we going to make a profit this month?

With Magnetic, you get an end-to-end finance platform that enables you to manage the journey, from quoting to invoicing. This platform gives you the ability to monitor profits and losses in real-time, provides WIP reporting, allows you to track and budget expenses, and integrates with top accounting platforms, for easy transferral of data.

Your accountant is going to love you.

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