How long does it take for a company to implement Magnetic?

Your company can be up and running in a few minutes depending on the number of users.

How does Magnetic handle privacy with regards to emails?

All privacy in Magnetic is controlled by user roles. You decide what roles you give to your employees, therefore you decide the level of email transparency for your company in Magnetic.

Is my company’s data backed up, secure and confidential?

Yes. Our redundant, state-of-the-art infrastructure is professionally managed and secure. All data is locally backed up at our data centre, and we also have nightly offsite backups. All data is confidential. Please view our Security and Privacy policies for more information.

Do you do on-site training?

Yes. Get in touch with us to arrange a workshop for your team.

Can I import my address book into Magnetic?

Yes. Please provide us with the contact data in CSV format, and we’ll import it into your account.

Can we install Magnetic on our own server?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

Does Magnetic have an API available so external systems can talk to it?

Yes, We have a REST API available. Please contact us for more information.