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Agency Best
Practice Processes

We've been around the block. In our line of work, we see different agency processes every day. Some work. Some don’t. All of them impact on productivity and output, and the way in which work is managed, tracked, trafficked and billed for. And those things all impact on a business’s profits.

Whether you’re just starting out, needing to fix a broken workflow, or wanting to implement a process that actually works, this is the roadmap you’ve been looking for.

By having an understanding of how productive, profitable agencies run their businesses, you can start to do the same.

Get ready to gain a competitive edge and unlock the secrets of successful agency management. Fill out the form now and get full access to our 41-page e-book, designed to empower you and your agency for success.

Agency Best Practice Processes
Agency Best Practice Processes


We are able to manage the workflow with ease, it is definitely a great time saver. Team leaders are able to view progress reports and hours on a daily basis. Magnetic is a very useful tool for our marketing needs. We are able to generate and distribute reports to all team players in the agency. At any stage all users are aware of who's doing what on a particular job bag. All activity is tracked so team leaders are aware of who is accountable for which functions.

Some of the worlds greatest companies trust us.

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