What’s New

  • Resource View. This allows you to see a full resource schedule for your team, how much time has been allocated and what they have available. You can filter by department or job title. View a guide on how to use the resource view here. More updates on the resource view are coming soon, such as click through to edit tasks.

  • Generate tasks directly from cost estimate line items. Once you’ve created a cost estimate simply hover over the CE and click the “triple square” (referenced below). This will create tasks from each line item and assign them to the job the CE is linked to.

  • Accounts administrator permissions. This feature limits certain accounting features to the accounts admin users. Accounts Admin users can add item types, export accounts, approve companies for billing, archive jobs that have accounts linked (excluding CE’s). To set a user as an accounts admin, click settings, then manage users and edit the user you want to set this feature for.

  • Approved companies for accounts. This restricts the ability to bill only selected customers and suppliers by Account Administrators. In account settings check the box for “Only Approved Customers & Suppliers can be billed”, then edit any company and select Approved for customer or supplier – Follow here for a detailed step by step guide on setting up this feature.

  • Support for viewing and creating of Sub Jobs / Sub Projects. When viewing a job / project you will see a button to create a new sub job / project. This will add a new job / project with the correct naming convention. You can also check the “Include Sub Jobs / Projects” button when viewing reports.
  • Bulk edit companies and contacts. Ever need to bulk edit owners, tags etc. on companies and contacts? Now you can – Simply select the companies or contacts you want to edit, then click Bulk Action.

What’s Coming

  • Digest Email Notifications. This feature will give you a high level activity update, which will summarise relevant recent events.

  • In-app Notification Centre. Don’t enjoy receiving email notifications? Our in-app notification centre will keep you updated when you want to be updated.

  • Updated Gantt chat that will better facilitate the Resource View.


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