• Welcome to your implementation

    Here is a walkthrough of our on-boarding process.

    Welcome to Magnetic!

    You’ve joined over 5000 people who are using Magnetic to streamline their agency.

    We created this page to provide you with guidance on how to effectively implement use the Magnetic software.


This approach to onboarding will put you on the path to success.

Setup your account

To properly use all of the features of Magnetic, you need to complete a few key setup tasks.

Agency workflow management implementation Magnetic

Customise your workflow

Every agency has their own process and workflow. It is important to customise Magnetic to suit your workflow to ensure you get the most out of the system

Agency workflow implementation Magnetic

Adding Team Members and Permissions

It’s time to start adding team members to work with and ensuring your permissions are setup correctly.

Agency process software Magnetic implementation

Import Data

Already have data from an old system or even from excel? Time to import that data

Magnetic agency workflow management implementation

Get started with the basics

Let’s run through some basic training how to’s and get you started with your road to a more efficient agencies

Agency process management implementation Magnetic

Working with reports

Understanding how the reports section work is critical

Implement Magnetic agency workflow management tool