We’ve released some new features that will improve they way you work and report on time tracked on tasks. Below is a detailed breakdown of each feature including:

  1. Required billing rate on tasks
  2. Force users to track time
  3. Task Billing Rate Breakdown report
  4. Track time to someone else’s task
  5. Set employee cost on users

Required billing rate on tasks

Set the billing rate on tasks as required by default. Having this activated will allow you to have all tasks categorised and allow you to see what kind of work everybody is doing and report on this such as billable and non-billable work

  1. From global settings click on Opportunity/Job Settings
  2. Check the box called “Task Billing Rate Required”

View the full tutorial on required billing rates

Force users to track time

Struggling to get your team to track time? Block user access until time is tracked.

  1. Set the amount of hours each user needs to track per day in the individual user settings. 6 hours or productive time is recommended if you are not tracking time for lunch and some internal meetings.
  2. Check the box that says “Receive Reminders to Track Time”
  3. In Opportunity/Job settings check the box called “Block User Access if timesheets are incomplete.

If the Block User Access is not checked, users will be reminded each day that they have time left to track, but will still be able to continue working.

View the full tutorial on forced time tracking

Task Billing Rate Report

The task billing rate report gives you an indication of time spent per billing rate on tasks showing billable vs non-billable time. With this report you will be able to quickly see where your business or a particular team (use the Tracked By Department) option are spending their time.
View this report by going to reports, then tasks, then “Task billing rate breakdown“.

You can also have an internal more detailed classification of billing rates but a simpler external rate. eg. You quote for Design but have 3 Item Types setup for Intern, Junior & Senior Designer all with the External name of Design. You and then toggle this report to either show just Design or to show the more detailed breakdown. Read more about this here…

Track time to someone else’s task with the clock

You are now able to use the stop watch to track time to a task owned by another user. Find the task you want to track time on and click the clock to start tracking time. The clock will turn green, as it does when you track your own tasks.

If another user is currently tracking a task, the clock will look blue to you. If you start tracking time to that task at the same time, the clock will then turn green. Note that time will be counted for both tracking users.

View the full tutorial on tracking time to someone else’s task

Change in where employee costs are set

We are changing the way you set internal costs on Employees. We needed to provide more privacy so now only Adminstrators can set the Hourly User Cost directly on employees. This cost is not picked up from the cost on the Default Billing Rate item type linked to the user anymore. The Default Billing Rate item type is what rate and task category the user should by default bill when they are creating tasks. We have automatically set this new field to what cost was on the users Default Billing Rate.

The employee cost is pulled into job recon reports to give an accurate recon on cost to company.

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